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The First CCM is a service consulting firm with extensive experience in early childhood education and is the first company that background is Chinese to support and help the majority of Chinese in the field of early childhood education.

If you are looking for a professional childcare management team to assist you in purchasing existing centres, keep your current centre ongoing compliance, business management and operational requirements, or want to build a new centre, First CCM is your best choice.

Also, Childcare care investment project is suitable for overseas investment immigrants to Australia. Childcare industry entry barrier high, and have strong government support. With the rapid growth of Australian immigrants and the shortage of centres, it is a low-risk and less-competitive industry and offers a good return on investment compared to other industries. Meanwhile, your Australia Permanent Residence Visa grant.

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  • Over 10 years working experience in CC
  • Experience in all positions in CC
  • Experience from staff to Owner


  • Master and bachelor degree
  • Service provider and Licensee
  • Fully understanding Policy and related law


  • Existing business running successful
  • Help owners & investors to succeed
  • Ongoing projects move forward smoothly

Our service

1.Childcare Funding (Suitable for Investment Immigration)

Do you optimistic about the prospects of Australian Childcare Market, want to own one/more but not related qualifications and experience, resulting in out of this field?
Do you consider doing childcare business and funds in place, but because of qualification, management issues and daily follow-up problems, resulting in out of this field?
Do you intend to work with the professional team expert in childcare management to solve your problems, resulting in entering the field of Childcare Education?
Concern about the different cultural and barriers in language?
FirstCCM to help you solve the above issues, with you in the field of parenting education to develop a world.
FirstCCM holds a license to provide educational management and has experience in kindergarten operation and management, and has a wide range of industry partners to lay a solid foundation for your success.
Why not make an appointment with First CCM to see our experts?

2. Buy an Established Centre

Do you want to have kindergarten business, but no idea how to start? Call the First CCM for free consultation, our excellent and professional team can help you out from the purchasing to running the centre. And we help you find the suitable centre, and also help you seeking financial support, due diligence, licensing, as well as, operation and management.

Childcare Centre Acquisition

The First CCM can provide financial and operational due diligence services, including financial analysis, to ensure that you have a full understanding of the target centre.

Transition Management

The first kindergarten management is dedicated to using a buffered change management process. First CCM and the seller, the existing staffs, as well as the existing children’s family go through open, honest communication, so as to achieve effective integration. First CCM also assist you apply for accreditation and licensing, child care benefits (CCB) funds, employee contracts, policies and procedures, compliance audits and supplier and service transition arrangements and transfers.

3. Childcare Centre Management

To keep the fLet your kindergarten center continue to be profitable and work with First Parenting Management Group to benefit from our service support and experienced professional advice and management. Our professional team has extensive operational and managerial experience in early childhood education.

4. Childcare Consultancy and Advisory

First CCM can provide tailored service provision to meet your specific requirements.
These include:

  • Assessment and rating of service’s practices against the requirements of the National Quality Standard
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Compliance with the Centre’s policies and procedures, including scheduled reviews in line with accreditation and licensing
  • CCM Software Support
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Recruitment – Staff Support/Training and Management
  • Accreditation Support and Licensing Support

5. Brand New Centre Start-Up

First CCM has experience in project management for the construction and development of brand new centres. First CCM can provide the following services to help you set up new centres,

  • DA Application and construction of new Centre
  • Financial Support, (loan if need)
  • Business proposal
  • Market analysis, Geographical analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Forecast and budget
  • Support for accreditation and business license
  • Recruit employees and training
  • Compliance with the Centre’s policies and procedures, operation and management, Marketing and, advertising
  • Routine maintenance, operation and management
  •  Financial analysis

After successfully launching your kindergarten centre, First CCM can continue to support your day-to-day management, including our service management, management services and Childcare Consultancy and Advisory services. Our industry experience and practical management approach make us a long-term ideal partner.

Sucessul Cases


案例A – 购买现有的幼儿园


陈女士对这个幼儿园非常了解,她想买下来。陈女士与业主交涉后,联系我们First CCM , 看是能够提供帮助。因为她没有执照和服务提供者,也没有运行和管理中心的经验。一个人不敢承担这么大风险,毕竟不是一笔小数目的投资。


在双方达成法律协议的情况下,First CCM与陈女士合资购买这个业务, 并且First CCM团队负责运营和管理。Nikki Han帮助获取相关的资格证,按部就班的完成转让交接。






Case B

案例 B – 评估和评级


业主在山区有两家幼儿园。 距上一次评估,到现在已有四年半的时间。

随着政策和要求频繁变动,业主开始担心 NQF。(NQF 在 2012 年推出了一项新的质量标准,用于改善日托,家庭日托,学前班 / 幼儿园以及校外托儿服务的教育和护理)



历经两个月的不断改善,结果他们取得了 ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’,所有的评估都通过了。

Case C

案列 C – 新建幼儿园



给孩子找幼儿园,好不容易的有合适的幼儿园,但是需要排队。 于是王先生就在想,好的幼儿园都需要排队吗?

结果:是。 他考察了多家幼儿园,并且还不在同一区域,都需要等。等待期大于为1-1.5 年。


王先生通过朋友介绍,联系到了 First CCM 。我们与王先生商讨数个小时,大家互相了解,First CCM 也熟悉了王先生的情况和背景情况。最终大家达成共识,就是买地,新建一家全新的幼儿园。

现阶段我们在申请政府的开办的幼儿园的申请。(DA Stage)



Case D

案例 D – 幼儿园管理软件和会计

First CCM 为多家幼儿园的业务和负责人推荐和提供幼儿园相关的软件使用培训,例如 QikKids。

First CCM 为多家幼儿园提供 Payroll , 排班表,BAS,财务报表的软件使用和培训,例如 Xero。

Know People

Meet The Team

Jack Liu

Managing Director
0425 769 555


Jack holds a Masters of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Commerce in accounting and economic, graduated from Monash University. He has 4 years of experience working for as finance broker in Australia. When working as finance broker, he always help clients solve financial matters to achieve clients’ need.

Jack provides expertise and guidance in business finance, Management & Financial Accounting, and bookkeeping. Jack Liu is more creatable and innovation, which will help you sort finance issues, to match clients’ financial need.

Nikki Han

Educational Manager
0401 200 537


With Bachelor of Education and having worked at diversify centres from community to privately owner, Nikki Han has had over 10 years of experience in field of childcare having worked in all positions from assistant through to the owner.

As a migrator, Nikki has multicultural background and she can make childcare more comfortable and enjoyable for children, families and staff, who are from different countries, and more rewarding for investors.

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